So, what and who is ‘Hamilton Street Cold Brew’?

Our launch is getting closer!!!

I have never done a blog before so I'm learning as I go here! Ok, so – the purpose of this bi-weekly blog is to be transparent as a brand, provide educational elements surrounding our products/CBD and to hopefully generate a little community around Hamilton Street Cold Brew.

I’ll start off by introducing you to the business first, then go into the two people who birthed it.

As you would have noticed, our first product will be CBD infused cold brew coffee (we are using natural vanilla pods brewed into our Colombian coffee beans to give it a subtle and smooth flavour, yum!) We really wanted to start a CBD based product line because of its potential benefits and ability to help people (blog on CBD up next that will tell you how great it is.) As a little background, CBD is a non psychoactive compound known for its health and healing benefits. Aside from it helping general wellbeing, it has been believed to help issues ranging from anxiety, depression, MS, arthritis, Parkinson's and there is even some evidence to suggest it helps with cancer. So if you or someone around is suffering from a mental or physical illness give CBD a quick google. (*We are not allowed to make any medical claims so we are not stating our product does this!*) If you have been following us for a while we were originally called ‘CBD Fusion’ (naming a business is HARD). After hours of brainstorming we decided we wanted to bring you guys a more luxury, classy product. Something that made you feel good (we think it looks pretty good too), feel uplifted and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Hamilton Street was born.  

My co-founder and I met while at university in Leicester. (Won’t bore you with the details, but you get the idea). I'll also do a blog on working with your significant other very soon - trust me, it can be worse than the 'what's for dinner?' debate! We studied law and economics (weirdly, not business) but both keen on the business world. We both lived on Hamilton Street while studying. We knew that we would be living in London after graduation so wanted to take a little bit of Leicester, and its significance, with us. Our friends who also lived with us on Hamilton Street have helped us from market research to helping designing our bottles (we can’t wait for you to see) so it made sense that it meant something to all of us.

Anyway, that’s a little bit about who we are for now. Our product launch will be in just over 2 weeks!

Keep an eye out for discount codes.

Countdown is on.  

Hamilton St